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Dog Grooming

Frequently Asked Questions


How often should my long-haired dog be groomed?

Long haired breeds like shitszu, bichon frise, poodle, cockapoo, lhasa apso, yorkshire terrier, cavapoo, etc should be groomed every 4 - 6 weeks to prevent overgrowth. Maintenance at home is necessary for those breeds and yes, that means you should regularly brush your dog at home to prevent its coat to get matted. We also recommend at least one bath a month which can be done by yourself or by us as we also offer professional bath & blow dry for in between grooms for those who want some help at keeping the dog's coat healthy and clean.

I've got a short-haired dog that sheds a lot at home. How can you help me?

Grooming your dog is the single most important key to reduce dog shedding. Routine grooming is absolutely essential for all dogs. Brushing your dog helps to remove dead hairs before they can fall on your carpet, bedding, etc. Bringing your dog in every 4 - 6 weeks for a bath & deshedding service will dramatically reduces dog moulting at home.

I have a short-haired dog that does not shed at all so he only needs his nails clipped, right?

The answer is no! For obvious reasons short-haired dogs don't need as much baths as curly haired breeds but that does not mean they don't need a bath at all. Every dog should have a bath at least every 6 - 12 weeks no matter how short its coat is. Bathing your dog not only helps to remove dirt and odor but also helps with allergies (yours and theirs!). We know some times it might be a bit difficult to wash your dog at home so that's why we offer bath & blow dry only as one of our services. That will make your dog clean and smelling so good that you will definitely want to come back in a few weeks!

Is there still a question that you’d like answered? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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